SolutionOur products listed as follows:

1、High-Temperature Resistant and Flame Retardant Series: 

Para-Aramid, Meta-Aramid Knitted/Woven/Non-Woven Fabric, with/without aluminized, Carbon Fabric, Glass Fiber, Etc.

2、Cut Resistant Series: Knitted and Woven Fabric

3、Abrasion Resistant Series: Para-Aramid Knitted And Woven Fabric

4、Antibacterial Series: Knitted And Woven Fabric For The Anti-Bacterial Bedding, Antibacterial Socks And Gloves Etc.

5、RFID Blocking Conducting and Anti-Electromagnetic Series: Stainless Steel Yarn / Silver Plating Knitted And Woven.

6、Chainsaw Protective series:  UHMWPE, Para aramid, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyester Etc.

7、Reflective Series: Aramid, Reflective fiber, Polyester, Nylon Etc.