Wide Use Of Fireproof Cloth

- Jun 26, 2018-

Soon after the new year, fireworks and bamboo what's going to rise, but the fire can not avoid, this time to use fireproof cloth, high buildings can not have fire protection facilities, we come to see the benefits of fireproof cloth.

Fire resistant, resistant to high temperature, antistatic, anti allergy, can be used as a fireproof cable package; it can be used as a safety guard in front of the electric furnace for electric furnace steelmaking; it can also be used as a filler for high temperature expansion joints, lining of a flue or used as a heat insulated cloth; in some public fields and some places where fireworks and firecrackers are set up It can extinguish the fire source and make people escape quickly; the fireproof clothing worn by the firemen is also used as the raw material, and the wall of the construction is surrounded by fireproof cloth, which can effectively prevent the serious damage of the fire.

For your safety, please use fireproof cloth reasonably. If you need it, you can call us.

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