Where Is The Fire Blanket Used

- Jul 22, 2020-

1. Earthquake escape: fold the fire blanket and put it on your head. Use its thick and elastic structure to reduce the impact of falling objects.

2. Fire escape: wrap the fire blanket around the body and put on the smoke mask to get out of the fire quickly. The fire blanket can isolate the fire and reduce the high temperature.

3. Industrial safety: steel plant, arc welding processing, boiler room, chemical laboratory and other places with sparks and easy to cause fire can resist spark spatter, slag, welding spatter, etc., which can isolate the workplace, separate the working layer, and eliminate the fire risk that may be caused in welding work.

4 initial fire extinguishing: in the early stage of fire, the fire source or the object on fire can be directly covered by the fire blanket, which can quickly extinguish the fire source in a short time.