What Kind Of Fire Blanket Can Cover The Fire Source Directly

- Aug 23, 2020-

Compared with water-based and dry powder fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting blanket has its own advantages. Firstly, it has no expiration date. Secondly, it will not produce secondary pollution after use. More importantly, it can be reused without damage and oil pollution. In fact, in an emergency, if you accidentally ignite your body, you can protect yourself on your face or on your body, playing a role of self-protection in a short period of time. The material is fibrous heat-insulating refractory material, that is, refractory fiber. In the initial stage of fire, the fire blanket is directly covered with the fire source, and the fire source can be put out in a short time. The most important characteristic of fire blanket is high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which is a very common fire-resistant and thermal insulation material. At the same time, it has the characteristics of softness, elasticity and certain tensile strength of general fibers, which can be processed into various forms of products, such as paper, thread, rope, belt, blanket and felt. Metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, building materials, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors are widely used.