What Kind Of Fabric Can Protect Against Radiation?

- Jan 08, 2020-

1. Polyion anti-radiation. The earliest type of cloth was coated with a polymer anti-radiation. This kind of cloth will fall off as soon as it is washed with water. It will fail after washing several times, and it has been eliminated.

2. Metal fiber blending has a history of 4-5 years, and the technology is relatively mature. It is to mix extremely fine metal fibers with cotton first, and the shielding rate is between 20db-35 dB, which can basically shield the vast majority. Most of the radiation hazards, the fabric looks and feels like ordinary cotton from the feel and appearance, is very comfortable to wear and washable, and is very suitable for home use, so this fabric is now the main market. But be careful not to wring when washing, otherwise the wire will break and affect the shielding effect.

3, Carbon fiber, that is, carbon fiber woven in knitted fabrics, is characterized by strong stretchability, can be used as autumn clothes, autumn pants, and has the function of sterilization and deodorization, the disadvantage is the poor shielding rate.

4, Metal coating, a relatively new technology, metal plated on the cloth, has a high shielding rate can reach 60-70dB. However, because the coating technology has not completely solved the problem of shedding, it cannot be washed. Manufacturers use it as a sandwich, and only wash the face when washing. Another problem is that although there is a cloth between the material and the human body, the human body's sweat will infiltrate and cause the metal powder to fall off. If the metal powder that falls off with the sweat returns to the surface of the human skin, there is a danger of fetal heavy metal poisoning. So it is generally used for industrial and military purposes.