What Kind Of Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric Will Have Stable Color Fastness?

- May 26, 2020-

Aramid is a new type of flame-retardant material. Aramid flame-retardant fabric woven from aramid has high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and super wear resistance and tear resistance. Burning fabrics also have excellent flame retardant properties. However, because aramid is a special synthetic chemical fiber, this fiber has a smooth surface and is very difficult to color; this makes the color fastness test of the finished aramid flame-retardant fabric before leaving the factory become indispensable in routine inspection One of the test items.

Generally, aramid flame retardant fabrics are divided into after-dyed aramid flame retardant fabrics and dope-dyed aramid flame retardant fabrics. Dope dyed aramid flame-retardant fabric is woven from dope fibers. The after-dyed aramid flame-retardant fabric is made by dyeing this white aramid fiber after spinning or weaving it into a grey cloth and then dyeing it. In comparison, the color fastness of the aramid flame retardant fabric dyed in the original liquid will be better, but the color selectivity of the aramid flame retardant fabric after dyeing is more.

After years of research and development, Jiaxing Fuliong Textile Technology Co., LTD. has improved the post-dyeing process of aramid flame-retardant fabrics; at present, the aramid flame-retardant fabrics produced by Jiaxing Fuliong Textile Technology Co., LTD. have dry / wet friction color fastness, soaping / washing color fastness and sun resistance. The light fastness is better than the same products, and the flame retardant tooling made of the aramid flame retardant fabric is more durable.

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What kind of aramid flame retardant fabric will have stable color fastness?

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