What Is The Production Process Of Excellent Flame-retardant Fabric?

- Aug 14, 2017-

Today's flame-retardant fabrics are through the R & D team plan, including natural flame-retardant fiber, natural synthetic fiber, composite, chemical finishing agent and a variety of other methods made. Through the peculiar plan, to pay the fabric under certain conditions to increase the functionality of the raised. Start from the raw materials will choose a good entrance yarn to fabric.

Followed by the dye used in printing and dyeing. Finishing the use of flame retardants and so on. Require professional and professional experience of the factory to carry out processing. The most important thing is that after the production of flame-retardant fabric material testing. Must have a professional flame-retardant fabric testing laboratories and professional testing personnel to be tested.

Jiaxing Fuliong Textile Technology Co., LTD. with the European and American market synchronization of professional testing equipment, customers can be said to provide different monitoring data, to ensure the quality of each batch of goods. So, flame retardant fabric manufacturers if there are amateur testing room can detect flame retardant fabric flame retardant performance, you can precisely control the performance of their products, and better produce a qualified high-quality flame-retardant fabric. Flame retardant fabric buyers must choose a professional manufacturer, has a professional fire detection room manufacturers to give priority to consider.