What Is The Difference Between Meta Aramid And Para Aramid?

- Dec 11, 2019-

Now between aramid products mainly include poly benzene formyl m-phenylene diamine fiber (hereinafter referred to as between aramid fiber), poly benzene 2 formyl para-phenylene diamine fiber (hereinafter referred to as registration aramid fiber) and heterocyclic aromatic polyamide fiber (hereinafter referred to as aramid Ⅲ), and other varieties.

With excellent heat resistance (decomposition temperature >400℃), flame resistance (limit oxygen index > 29%), good textile processing and insulation performance, it is an important basic material in aerospace, national defense, transportation, electronics, environmental protection, individual protection and other fields.

Kevlar produced by dupont is the representative of pevlar. Its main advantages are high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and acid and base resistance.

Interposition aramid is mostly used for fireproof material, while para-position aramid is mostly used for bulletproof vest, anti-cutting glove and so on to prevent mechanical damage.