What Is The Difference Between Aramid Fabric And Carbon Fiber Fabric?

- Aug 17, 2018-

Aramid fabric, carbon fiber fabric, are two strong popular material, are both widely used, What is the difference between aramid fabric and carbon fiber fabric?

From the mechanical function aspect, the tensile strength of aramid fabric is 2060MPa, the carbon fiber fabric is higher than it, above 3000MPa, it can accept the huge load for a long time. However, the brittleness of carbon fiber fabric is not as good as aramid, aramid fabric has a larger elongation rate.

In the electrical function aspect: carbon fiber fabric and aramid fiber fabric has a very big difference that is carbon fiber fabric is conductive and aramid fabric is non-conductive. This allows carbon fiber fabric can be used specifically for electricity, but this feature also constrains its application.

From the price point of view: Imported high-quality carbon fiber fabric and import aramid fabric price is similar, domestic carbon fiber fabric price is cheap, but the quality needs to be advanced.

In the application aspect: the scope of the use of carbon fiber fabric is very wide, can make cars, aircraft, missiles, rocket parts, model parts, medical equipment, sporting goods, musical instruments and jewelry. Aramid fabric, can be used for high-temperature protective equipment, body armor and so on.

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