What Is The Difference Between A Fireproof Cloth And A Flame Retardant Cloth

- Apr 07, 2018-

Today, we have a fireproof cloth manufacturer from two aspects of definition and characteristics to explain the difference between the fireproof cloth and the flame retardant cloth, we hope that through our analysis you can better choose the suitable for your product.

In terms of definition

The flame retardant cloth is a cloth that can be extinguished automatically within 12 seconds after leaving the open flame even if it is lighted by the naked flame. The fireproof cloth is a kind of fabric that is specially disposed of. The fire retardant cloth is usually said on the market, that is to say, it can flame retardant fabric.

In terms of its characteristics

Flame retardant cloth has non combustible, high temperature resistant, sealed, non irritating, anti corrosion, soft and durable, easy to wrap objects and equipment with uneven appearance. It can well protect objects away from hot spots and sparks, and completely hamper incineration or block burning. Fireproof cloth can well maintain the principle of heat and spark area, and completely block burning or burning.