What Is Nomex Flame Retardant Fiber?

- Aug 22, 2018-

Nomex, is one kind of meta aramid, also known as Aramid 1313. It is characterized by good heat resistance and high strength. At 250 ℃ temperature, the material properties can remain stable for a long time. Its acupuncture products are mainly used as high-temperature filtration materials and insulating materials.

DuPont Nomex is an aromatic polyamide, commonly known as aromatic polyamide, which has a particularly stable molecular structure, it has superior high-temperature, flame-retardant, non-toxic, and better electrical and mechanical properties.

The limit oxygen index of Nomex flame retardant fiber is 28, which has a high decomposition temperature and does not melt under high temperature condition. Nomex has a good thermal stability, at 260°c high temperature continuous use after 100 hours, its strength can still maintain 65% of the original strength. 7 days at 304°c temperature, 50% of the original strength can still be maintained. Nomex also has excellent chemical resistance, that is, acid and alkali, oxidant and organic solvents. Its radiation resistance is excellent, in a certain intensity of ultraviolet and Y-ray irradiation, its strength almost no loss.

The Nomex IIIA has two kinds, one is white silk and the other is original liquid coloring color silk. Recently in the industrial flame retardant clothing, arc-proof clothing, fire service, racing clothing, as well as welding and furnace overalls application.

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