What Is Functional Textile Materials?

- Sep 28, 2019-

1. What is a functional textile materials?

Functional fabrics are textile fabrics with other special functions beyond the traditional warmth, cover and beautification of textiles. It is a new type of fabric that is formed by changing the properties of the fabric, adding functional materials, adding various preparations and processes during the production process and finishing.

2. What are the characteristics and uses of Fuliong functional fabrics?

Fuliong functional fabrics have a very special role and superior performance compared to general fabrics. These properties and functions are often unattainable in the fabrics that are common in our lives. For example, in outdoor sports, functional fabrics can be used to create strong protective clothing that allows people to get protection from clothing in adventure and harsh environments.

Jiaxing Fuliong Textile Technology Co., LTD. is a professional textile company, specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing special functional textile materials. With the help of advanced design methods and concept introduced from abroad and capitalizing upon years of research and application in the high tech raw materials field, Fuliong has manufactured and marketed a wide range of series of personal and industrial protection fabrics and products with excellent quality.

Fuliong strictly follows each clients’ specific requirements and provides clients advanced functional fabrics and products made from all kinds of high performance fibers (para aramid, meta aramid, UHMWPE, PI, glass fiber, basalt fiber etc.) These patented products have filled in the gap of the high end functional fabric market and are widely used in military, firefighting, petroleum exploring, iron and steel smelting, automobile manufacturing, diving and mountain climbing, competitive sports such as swordplay, ice hockey and short track speed skating.

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