What Is Aramid Fibers?

- Jun 05, 2020-

It might be difficult for you to conjure up an image when I mention the words"aramid fibers", but if I told you that they are the raw materials used within body armor, bullet-proof vest, firefighters uniforms, etc, then you start to get the picture.

In fact, aramid fibers are the superstar family in fiber world. In their most basic of forms, they appear as bright golden yellow filaments (so far more colors are available). The name comes from a combination of two words, an "aromatic polyamide".

Due to their outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and heat-resistant properties, aramid fibers can be applied to above mentioned
protective-wear applications.

Usually, there are two kinds of aramid fibers: Para-aramid and Meta-aramid, you can distinguish them directly from the color, para--aramid is yellow, meta-aramid is white, para-aramid looks like shiny wire, meta-aramid looks like usual soft textile fiber, today there are also colorful aramid filament and staple be made by solution dyed. 

Thanks to the special research of scientist, both of them have special advantage properties, we now can use them to make Aramid non-woven fabric, knit fabric, woven fabric, aramid coated cloth , araimd packingand other aramid products.


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