What Is Anti-static Fabric?

- May 16, 2020-

Anti-static fabrics are fabrics that have undergone anti-static processing and are widely used in the petroleum industry; mining and smelting industry; chemical industry; electronics industry; special industries, such as: atomic energy, aerospace, weapons, and other industries, such as: food, fireworks and firecrackers , Medicine, etc.

There are currently two types of antistatic fabrics:

One is thick conductive fabric and the other is T / C fabric. T / C anti-static clothing adopts 65/35 full-process printing and dyeing polyester-cotton, woven with organic conductive fibers, and is made into high-grade polyester-cotton workwear fabric by special process. It is comfortable, safe and reliable to wear. In the electronics industry, it can prevent the damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity. It is more valued in the petrochemical industry and can avoid unnecessary hazards such as burning and explosion.

The other is the conductive silk fabric, which is an anti-static fabric made by special polyester filament and high-performance permanent anti-static fiber through a special process. The static clothing specially sewn with this process fabric has excellent anti-static Dustproof performance is favored by the broad electronics industry. This anti-static clothing is permanently anti-static, low temperature is not affected, the friction voltage can be as low as 20V or less, and it does not generate dust itself, which can effectively sterilize and inhibit bacteria, and is suitable for different levels of clean room work.