What Does The Fireproof Cloth Require For The Selection Of Materials

- Jun 01, 2018-

The fireproof cloth is the main product of our factory. When we produce it, we have very strict requirements for the selection of materials. Now let me explain what the fireproof cloth has on the selection of material for you.

1, this material itself is a kind of fire resistant product, so the most basic material it chooses is to have good fire-retardant and flame retardancy. If the material's ignition point is very low, then such material must not be chosen.

2, the tightness of materials we choose is very good, and there are no irritant substances. The material feels soft and soft. If we stretch it, we can feel its toughness and patience.

3, its adaptability is very good, because we do not know what the use of fireproof materials, what kind of material is used to package what kind of material is uncertain, so if it is not very good adaptability, it can not be a good protection of those materials.

This is also the requirement for fireproofing cloth. If you want to buy suitable and efficient fireproof materials, please come to our factory to purchase. We won't let you down.

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