What Do You Know About The Properties Of The Fireproof Cloth?

- Apr 22, 2018-

Summer is dry and easy to cause fire, and there are always fires. So fire prevention is very necessary. Then, how should we do well in fire prevention work? The fireproof cloth will help you.

As we all know, fireproof cloth is very effective for fire prevention, but do you know what the suitable temperature is? Do you know the other performance except fire accident? What Xiaobian is going to introduce to you is the knowledge of fireproof cloth that you do not know. Let's look at all of them.

The fireproof cloth can be used between low temperature -70 C and high temperature 230 C, with very low ignition point; it has strong ozone resistance, oxygen, light and climate aging, and is very suitable for outdoor use. And because of its excellent weatherability, it is the best object in the field; dielectric constant is 3-3.2, and the breakdown voltage is 20-50KV/MM. It has very high insulation; the last point is very long service life.

The above is the fireproof cloth often ignored performance, look at these, do you think your fire prevention work should use fireproof cloth, if necessary, come to our factory to choose and buy!