What Do You Know About The Features Of The Fireproof Cloth?

- Jun 11, 2018-

There was a rare phenomenon of "fire roll" in Guangzhou. The scene was very spectacular, but it was caused by the fire and the wind of the time. It brought serious damage to the local residents. I believe that everyone will have a kind of idea when they sigh and wonder: rather than this, because the damage to people is too big, so it needs us to do the daily fire prevention and disaster prevention work, the fireproof cloth is a very good fireproof material, we are coming together now. Look at the features of it.

Fireproof cloth is actually a fire-retardant cloth that prevents burning. It is usually used between low temperature -70 and 230 C. It is good for ozone, oxygen, light and climate aging. It is very suitable for field use. It has good weather resistance, good insulation ability, and life can even reach 10 years.

Fireproof cloth is used only to provide a guarantee for you to reduce the damage caused by fire in the case of fire. The most important thing is to improve the awareness of fire prevention and to do a good job of daily fire prevention.

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