What Do You Know About The Characteristics Of Aluminium Foil Cloth?

- Jul 20, 2019-

The corrosion resistance of aluminium foil cloth has been greatly improved: the surface of aluminium foil cloth has been treated with special anti-corrosion coating, and the corrosion resistance has been greatly improved. At the same time, the polyethylene hot air sticking method is adopted, and the compound adhesives are no longer needed, thus eliminating the hidden danger of corrosion and mildew on the surface of aluminum foil caused by residual water or solvents of adhesives in the process of compounding. Suitable for pipe sealing splicing, HVAC air duct, cold and warm water pipe insulation and water vapor barrier, especially for pipeline sealing in ship industry. Aluminum foil tape is widely used for explosion-proof bonding of furnaces and thermal insulation bonding of large air ducts. The heating system of constant power or variable power electric heating mat includes a heating cable, a glass fiber net and a temperature controller. The tape used for heating cable is bent and fixed on the net according to the thermal design. The variable power (self-limiting) floor mat can be used for mobile electric heating ground.

Aluminum foil cloth

Aluminum foil cloth adds negative ion far infrared ecological function reflecting layer (Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth), thermal insulation layer (pixel sheet), bottom layer (non-woven cloth) and technological decorative surface layer, which can be hard or soft. Such a structure allows simple self-paving installation and use without worrying about the thermal and electrical design and construction of heating cables. Suitable installation schemes are available before and after indoor decoration. It has the advantages of moistureproof, air tightness, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance retention, non-toxicity and odorless. If the composite aluminum foil is used to package the cooked food, the food will not deteriorate for at least one year. Aluminum-plated film has good fragrance retention, metallic luster, beautiful decoration, but not transparent, packaging content is not intuitive, poor flexibility and rubbing resistance, easy to produce pinholes or cracks after rubbing, thus affecting the permeability. Aluminum-plated films can be divided into hard and soft aluminium foils.

The direct hot-pressing composite of aluminium foil fabric saves the compound adhesive and the cost of veneer composite. The water vapor permeability is smaller, which strengthens the water vapor barrier effect: the heat-sealed polyethylene layer in the middle of the aluminium foil sheet is thicker than the common veneer, and the water vapor permeability is smaller, so the water vapor barrier effect is better and the insulation materials such as glass wool are reliably protected. Tensile strength is better and veneer is more straightforward: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil has higher mechanical strength than reinforced aluminum foil, and is more suitable for on-line bonding of glass wool factory, rock wool factory and mineral wool factory. The veneer is smoother, which reduces the probability of surface damage of aluminium foil: glass fibre cloth aluminium foil has better water vapor barrier function because of its fine texture, thick polyethylene layer, smoother veneer and less frictional damage to the surface of aluminium foil cloth.

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