What Are The Types Of Fire-retardant Fabrics Frequently Used In Construction Industry?

- Aug 20, 2018-

Fireproof cloth as a good flame retardant fabric, in recent years, is widely used in electrical insulation, non-metallic compensators and construction industry corrosion protection, packaging field, then what are the common types of fireproof cloth on the market?

Comprehensive flame retardant cloth, it is treated by flame retardant, can achieve fire, flame retardant, anti-corrosion effect.

CVC flame retardant fabric, it is based on CVC fabric flame retardant treatment of PROBAN reached the fire retardant cloth.

C/N cotton flame retardant cloth, its durability is strong, washing more than 50 times also has a good flame retardant effect.

NOMEX fire-proof fabric, with permanent anti-static fabric, full channel electromagnetic shielding fabric, high temperature resistance of 200-1200 degrees Celsius.

SM fire-proof cloth, it can withstand welding flowers, do fire protection is used, play a very good role in fire insulation, heat preservation.

Blue glass fiber fireproof cloth, with good fireproof and high temperature resistance, is mainly used for decoration of fireproof roll curtain.

Aluminum foil fire retardant cloth, in addition to its general fire prevention function, also has the function of anti radiation.

High silicon oxygen fireproof cloth, its carbon dioxide content as high as 90%, is the best fireproof cloth, commonly used in military industries such as aerospace.

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