What Are The Materials Of Fireproof Cloth

- Aug 16, 2020-

Basalt fiber fire-proof cloth is woven by continuous basalt fiber spinning. After high-temperature resistance and green health coating treatment, it has the characteristics of other, high-temperature resistance, green health, thermal shrinkage phenomenon and so on. It can be used in lining, welding, fire-proof bag and fire curtain of fire-resistant clothing; Acrylic cotton fiber fire-proof cloth: the acrylic cotton fiber fire-proof cloth is made of special special fibers and processed by special technology, which can extinguish fire sources and prevent sparks from splashing. It is mainly used in living rooms, medical places and other places in case of emergency. It is also used for covering and shielding combustible materials around the construction site such as gas welding; Ceramic fireproof cloth has good temperature tolerance range, insulation performance and no adverse effect on the environment. It is mainly used for building materials fire prevention decoration and various kiln heat insulation; it is mainly used for permanent anti-static fabric; blue glass fiber fire-proof cloth is used for fire-proof rolling shutter; aluminum foil fire-proof cloth is used for light radiation resistance.