What Are The Characteristics Of Nonflammable Fireproof Cloth?

- Nov 30, 2018-

The product made of inorganic fiber material through a series of fine processing is what we often call non-flammable fire-proof cloth. This product has very stable chemical properties and can also guarantee the safety of people's lives and property in high temperature environment. Therefore, fire-proof cloth has become a very popular product.

Non-flammable fire-proof cloth can prevent those flammable objects from happening unexpectedly, even in special circumstances, it can contain the spread of fire, and provide a relatively safe environment for people. For some occasions where welding work is needed, fire-proof materials must exist, because the probability of fire in these occasions is relatively high, if we prepare fire-proof materials in advance, it can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents. Fire-proof cloth can prevent sparks from splashing and spreading, so for people's safety, fire-proof materials like this must be prepared.

Fireproof cloth

See, if you think that this product only has fire protection characteristics, then it is a big mistake, a single performance can not determine its status. In addition to its excellent fireproof characteristics, it also has excellent anti-corrosion and insulation, so its application in power, pipeline and other industries is also very prominent. Fire prevention

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