What Are The Characteristics Of Flame Retardant Cloth?

- Jun 25, 2020-

Fireproof temperature of flame-retardant cloth function is 800 degrees, and non clothing materials adopt industrial fire insulation, decoration fire protection, fire splash cover, outdoor fire tent, etc. High silicon cloth is a kind of soft and heat-resistant high silicon fabric. It is a kind of inorganic material, which will not burn at all after the acid content reaches 96%. It has excellent insulation and electrical insulation functions, widely used in welding, high temperature and other thermal environment protection, as well as in emergency rescue insulation and electrical insulation. It is widely used to make fireproof window cloth, fireproof door, fireproof pad, Fireproof Blanket and other fireproof appliances. Flame retardant fabric includes flame retardant fabric with flame retardant yarn as raw material and flame retardant fabric with flame retardant agent as raw material. The former has good flame retardant effect, while the latter is affected by time and washing times. Flame retardant fabric, polyester flame retardant fabric, using new ATP flame retardant finishing agent, has the characteristics of washing, flame retardant, good hand feel, non-toxic and safe. Excellent products usually do not contain halogen, meet the requirements of ecological and environmental protection, and its core technology is at the world level.

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