Welcome Russian Customer Anna Volchkova To Visit Our Company!

- Mar 23, 2018-


  Mar.23th is a beautiful day, with bright sunshine and warm spring breeze. Russian Customer Anna Volchkova and her Kyrgyz interpret Adai visit our company.

  Anna’s business mostly focus on fire retardant fabric, aramid nylon fabric, and Neoprene fabric for army or other industry.


  We had a happy meeting together, and introduced her some popular fabric for her industry.

And she also interested in our cut resistant fabric, as we use a blade to cut the fabric, it is still in perfect condition, she feels so amazed, and are also very optimistic about the market.

glove 2.jpg

  It is a nice talking with Anna and Adai, we took pictures together. I hope we can do more business and F&L will be your trustworthy partner!