Wear Protective Clothing Should Pay Attention To Matters

- Aug 14, 2017-

● water temperature should be below 30 ℃, per kilogram of neutral soap or enzyme-free detergent 1 gram, bath ratio of not more than 1:40, using light washing method;

● After washing the sun by the sun, or natural dry 150c high temperature ironing 2 minutes, can also be used in 150c baking after 4 minutes;

● dry, ventilated, to avoid mechanical or chemical damage

● Application occasions: fire fighting, metal splash, industrial radiation and harmful light source, a large number of welding splash and other occasions, high temperature environment, chemical spatter and corrosion of the occasion;

● The product must not be placed with corrosive items, should be dry and ventilated

● fabric with cotton cloth flame retardant finishing and the use of flame-retardant fibers by spinning weaving composition.