- Sep 17, 2020-

Main properties of UHMWPE fabric

◆Light weight, floating on the water.

◆High strength.

◆Good durability, seawater resistance, chemical resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance and repeated temperature difference, the quality of use remains unchanged.

◆The operation is convenient, fast, safe to use, and the operation is short in time, such as the rapid ability of mobile operations under certain circumstances.


Specific nature

◆Very low water absorption

◆Good insulation performance

◆Corrosion and chemical resistance

◆UV resistant

◆High strength and tear resistance

◆Low density, light weight (density is less than water, <1 g/cm3)

◆Moderate mechanical strength, rigidity, good creep resistance and good machining performance

◆High wear resistance: wear resistance, low friction coefficient

◆Low temperature resistance (under the condition of liquid helium temperature -269℃, it can still maintain useful impact resistance, toughness and ductility without breaking)

Operating temperature

◆Wide cold and heat resistance: it can maintain a certain mechanical strength at -60°C, and the heat-resistant temperature is 80-100°C