Tips For Pregnant Women When Purchase And Wear The Radiation-Proof Clothing

- Jun 25, 2018-

When pregnant women purchase and wear the radiation-proof clothing, please be noted about below tips:

1. You don't have to wear a radiation-proof clothing to sleep in a bedroom without any working electric appliance.

2. You don't have to wear a radiation-proof clothing out of doors, it's good and necessary to keep your body exposed to sunlight and fresh air.

3. Do not easily to fold the it when wearing the radiation-proof clothing, this will cause wire breakage, which will makes the effect of radiation protection greatly reduced;

4. If your economic conditions are ok, we recommend you can purchase regular large brands of silver fiber radiation protection clothing, as compared with stainless steel metal fiber radiation suits, the air permeability for most of the the formal brand of silver fiber radiation-proof clothing are better, radiation-proof effect are also better, and with more delicate touch feeling, and has the advantages of sterilization and deodorization, winter warm summer cool. Radiation protective clothing is used to protect the mother and the baby's safety, of course, to be a little better to yourselves.



Method of cleaning

Anti-radiation clothing are made from a variety of fabrics, among them, the metal fiber blended fabric, half silver fiber blended fabric, all silver fiber knitted fabrics and multi-ionic fabric can be washed. Metal coated fabrics, silver fiber coated fabrics can not be washed directly.


1. In order to avoid shielding the fiber corrosion, you should use the neutral wash liquid to wash.

2. Washing water temperature should <40℃, because the tap water contains chlorine, it is recommended to use pure water or cold water washing.

3. When washing, it can not be bleached, can’t use washing products which contains bleaching ingredients.

4. Not machine washable.

5. Can’t be spin-dry, should be hang up to dry.

6. Please iron with a steam iron, never use an electric iron.