Three Tips When You Purchase Flame Retardant Fabric

- Aug 27, 2018-

When you purchase flame retardant fabric, please pay attention to the following three tips:


1. Flame Retardant performance: When buying flame retardant fabric, please pay attention to the flame retardant performance, to do the combustion experiments on the flame retardant test equipment, so as to ensure its flame retardant performance.


2. Fabric Strength: Fabric strength is very important, this is to determine the fabric firmness of the important indicators, like and test a rope to bear how many cows are the same, the more it can bear the more powerful it will be.


3. Washing times: flame retardant fabric washing times is also very important, because this involves the fire-retardant performance and the choice of cleaning, if you can wash it many times, and the flame retardant performance is still there, that means it can wear a longer time. Now the flame retardant fabric is basically divided into one time wash, multiple time washing and permanent flame retardant, you can choose this according to your demand.

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