The Type Of Anti Aging Fireproof Cloth

- Jul 05, 2018-

Fireproof fabric use flame retardant fabric, it is more types, different types have different functions and characteristics, you have to choose according to their own conditions, believe that suitable for yourself is the best.

Silicone fireproof cloth is made of organic silicon calender or impregnated. Its performance is excellent and it is a versatile product. It can be used between minus 70 degrees Celsius and 230 degrees Celsius at high temperature. Good aging resistance can be used in harsh environment for longer than 10 years. And the basalt fireproof cloth is made through the preparation, through the non toxic coating treatment, make it not flammable, no harmful substance discharge, it is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, power maintenance and other places. Acrylic fiber fire-retardant cloth adopts special fiber technology, which can quickly extinguish the fire source and prevent sparks from splashing. It can isolate inflammable and explosive objects.

The above type of fireproof cloth is the most common, I believe you are now understanding to the depth, if you want to choose a variety of products, I believe that our factory is your choice.