The Suit Wu Dajing Wore When Worn The Gold Medal, Carrying The Technology You Don't Know.

- Mar 09, 2018-

In 2018-02-22, Chinese athlete Wu Dajing won the first gold medal for China during the short track speed skating man 500 meters race. His short track speed skating suit is particularly conspicuous.


Technology helps the competition. As an important equipment for Chinese athletes in the Pingchang Winter Olympics, Anta's short track speed skating competition was awarded the 2018 German ISPO global design award last month. This set of equipment is the innovation of the short track speed skating suit, regardless of the appearance design or the specialized function all has the world advanced level.

Anta Short track speed skating suits were researched and developed for for the Olympic Games, which were combined with Dyneema technology, is the world's lightest and most breathable speed skating competition clothing. At present, the competition has been with Chinese athletes in the World Cup, Olympic Games and other important competitions.

The whole outfit uses a new kind of whole body cutting material which is combined with Dyneema technology. By using the whole body compression fabric, 360-degree skin package and strong compression, it can reduce the exercise of muscle tremors caused by fatigue. Single-layer structure, can break through the traditional two-tier design concept, 30% lighter than the traditional competition, greatly enhance the athlete's athletic performance.


       Dyneema is a trademark by DSM for UHMWPE fabric, UHMWPE has a low density, and has good abrasion resistant, self-lubricating, impact resistant, corrosion resistant functions and so on. It is also non-toxic, fully in line with the standards of the Japanese Health Association, and also get the accreditation from United States Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture, can be used to contact food and drugs.