The Special Use Of Ammonium Chloride -- Fireproof Cloth

- Aug 17, 2018-

Ammonium chloride is a colorless crystal or white crystalline powder, with odorless, salty, cool and other characteristics, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. It is the best product for personal protection, fire protection and emergency response to leaks, and for a special use of ammonium chloride, I believe many people do not understand. Here is a detailed explanation for you:

If an ordinary cotton cloth is immersed in a saturated solution of ammonium chloride, a moment later, removed and dried, it can be used as a fireproof cloth. The reason sodium chloride can make cotton cloth into a fire-proof cloth is mainly because ammonia and hydrogen chloride gas in ammonium chloride isolate the cotton cloth from the air, so that the cotton cloth will not burn in the absence of oxygen. Ammonium chloride is a very good fireproofer, especially in theatre stage setting, the use of strong wood, etc., must use ammonium chloride to deal with, in order to achieve the effect of fire prevention.

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