The Safest Drawstring Bag: Anti-theft, Cut Resistant And Tear Resistant

- Jun 21, 2018-

In recent years, people are having more higher demands for the bags. No matter in crowded subways for work or traveling outside, we all hope that the bags will be both durable and stylish. What's more important is that the thief now cannot prevent it. The anti-theft factor becomes even more important. Is there a bag that will really relieve you?


The Flak bag designed by Don Halpern is a combination of anti-theft,water proof, and cut resistant. How does it achieve this?



First of all, the fabric of this bag is made of top cut-proof fabric. Its performance of cut resistance, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance have reached the highest level of European standards.


And the design of the drawstring on bag mouth is also unique, allowing users to lock the bag mouth with a solid copper coded lock, and directly lock on large objects (such as fixed chairs, guardrails, etc.) that cannot move easily. When you go out to travel like this, you can safely leave for a while. Going to the beach or chatting with friends.


Secondly, the style of the entire bag is very simple, as well as comfortable and durable.