The Fireproof Cloth Is Specially Made According To Its Own Needs

- Aug 18, 2020-

Fireproof cloth is a kind of cloth which can prevent the fire from burning. It is a kind of safe and environmental protection fireproof material. It has a wide range of applications, high recognition and is worthy of trust. It has super low temperature and high temperature resistance effect and good stability. It can maintain normal working performance no matter in the low temperature below zero or high temperature environment of several hundred degrees. The design is non-toxic and harmless. It will not affect the environment when it is used. It is easy to store and use. As long as there is a fire, the fire can be driven away at the fastest speed to cope with the unexpected needs , protect your health and property. There are many sizes and specifications. When you buy it, you can customize it according to your own needs. The fireproof cloth can be used as the fire guard around you when necessary to protect the safety of personnel. The product is also a non-toxic and harmless environmental protection material, with good melting resistance, and good corrosion resistance of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc. Ceramic fireproof cloth has been widely used in various industries. The most common ones are used as building materials for fire-proof decoration and fire-fighting partition lining, thermal insulation materials for various kilns and high-temperature pipelines, safety protection materials such as electric welding and electric furnace, and fireproof materials for cables.