The Common Sense Of Fire Safety That Must Be Known In Winter

- Aug 01, 2018-

Winter is coming soon. Dry weather needs people to pay more attention to fire prevention. Fireproof cloth manufacturers remind us that in winter life should pay attention to the following points:

1, safe electricity use, the insulation of the wire used is better, and the circuit should be updated to avoid the fire caused by the aging of the circuit. In addition, it can not put any combustibles on the household appliances, and can not be disorderly connected to the wire, all the installation of electrical equipment should be in accordance with the regulations and so on.

2, careful use of fire, urban residents to use fire to warm the fire must be careful, the fire can not be too close to the combustibles, do not forget to close the valve after the use of gas, and in the fire room, do not use liquefied petroleum gas at the same time, so it is very easy to cause explosion fire and other dangers;

3, fireproof, do not lie on the bed or on the sofa smoking, not extinguished cigarette will not be discarded at will, especially in the windy weather and sealed indoor space, more attention should be paid;

4, fireworks fire fire, holiday burning fireworks and firecrackers to set off at the designated place, do not set off in the room, and children should be used under the supervision of adults, close doors and windows when going out, in order to prevent fireworks to fly into the room to cause fire.

The above is the common knowledge of winter fire prevention provided by fireproof cloth manufacturers. We hope to bring you some help and welcome your attention.

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