The Basalt Fiber Fireproof Cloth You Don't Know

- Apr 15, 2018-

Fire retardant cloth is generally said to be flame retardant cloth, that is, to prevent fuel combustion of fabric, only the high burning level of fire retardant cloth can be called the fireproof cloth, basalt fiber fireproof cloth is one of them.

In fact, people usually contact fire retardant cloth are very good flame retardant flame retardant cloth, the real sense of fireproof cloth everyone contact is very little, basalt fiber fireproof cloth using GBF 7-9 u m continuous basalt yarn, there are plain cloth and satin cloth two kinds, coating is the treatment of high temperature resistant, non-toxic treatment. It is often used for thermal insulation, flame-retardant fabrics and fireproof curtain as well as lining for fire protective clothing. And because he has good flammability, high temperature resistance, green pollution, good insulation and other properties, it is a good substitute for aramid fiber.

The fireproof cloth produced by our company has good fire protection performance, high quality and quality guarantee, and it is a good fire protection product. If you need it, you can contact us for consultation or purchase directly from our company.