The Application Of Flame Retardant Fabric

- Oct 10, 2018-

The application of flame retardant fabric is more and more widely used nowadays, and more and more people know it, but some new customers still  know little of the conventional use of flame retardant fabric. So let’s introduce for you.

Flame retardant cloth used in the field of special protection, such as Fire-retardant overalls, flame-retardant headgear, flame retardant gloves, fire-retardant overalls and protective clothing is a very important individual protection standards, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, fire, metallurgy, Shipbuilding and other places with open flames, sparks and flammable substances, with flame-retardant cloth production such as combat clothing, Stove front overalls, welding overalls, flying characters, petrochemical workers overalls, racing clothes and so on a large number of fire-retardant cloth, and the demand is very large. 

With the rapid development of economy, the demand for fire-retardant decorative products and aircraft flame-retardant nylon carpets is increasing, and the demand for flame-retardant and heat-resistant garments is increasing in the firefighting, metallurgy and other special Industries.

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