The Application Field Of Fireproof Cloth Is Very Extensive

- Apr 15, 2018-

Our company is a popular fireproof cloth manufacturer. It produces various kinds of fireproofing materials in a long time, and the application of fireproof cloth is very extensive. And once our product has been launched, it has been recognized by new and old customers.

Although fireproof cloth is a special purpose product, its advantages are not inferior to other fireproofing materials. Its chemical stability is quite good, it can resist acid and alkali, and can resist other corrosion. What's worth mentioning is that it is a fireproof material with high strength, high stability and light weight. It can be applied to many projects. The advantages of fire protection are many materials can not be compared.

Fireproof cloth, as the name suggests, is the construction fireproof material that must be used in building buildings and many other places. The biggest feature of this material is high temperature resistance, which is the most fundamental reason why this material can be fireproof. In many projects, we need to use this material.