The 96th China International Occupational Safety&Health Goods Expo

- Dec 28, 2017-


China International Occupational Safety&Health Goods Expo was founded in 1966, is held every year in spring and autumn.

At current, this Expo is China's largest , the world's strongest and most important labor insurance, safety protection professional International Trade fair. Up to now, it was already held for 95 times.

The 96th China International Occupational Safety&Health Goods Expo will be held on April 11st-13th, 2018 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Exhibits Range

1. Personal Protective articles (head, eye and face, hand-foot protective articles. Protection against falling articles, respiratory protective gear, etc.)

2. Occupational garments and materials (flame retardant, cut resistant, anti-static, waterproof and oil resistance, overall, etc.)

3. Safety Production monitoring instruments (radiation and microwave, static electricity, noise, dust and other monitoring instruments.)

4. Safety Production equipment (Traffic safety equipment, safety equipment for oil workers, safety equipment for petroleum personnel, safety equipment for construction-building, safety testing and monitoring equipment, emergency rescue equipment, fire fighting equipment, etc.)

5. Technical consultation and training in safety production. Lectures on labor protection and Technical communication, many industry media and assessment accreditation bodies will attend this Expo.

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