Teijin Aramid Introduces Twaron ComForte SB3, Lightweight Bullet Proof Fabric For Bulletproof Vest

- Feb 08, 2018-

Teijin Aramid will launched their newest fabric Twaron ComForte SB3 at the Milipol in Paris, France, 21 – 24 November 2017. Once the fabric has been introduced, it has been widely concerned.

Twaron ComForte SB3 is very effective against high energy semi jacketed projectiles like .357 MAG JSP and .44 MAG SJHP with very good trauma attenuation and comfort meeting demanding protection requirements level II and IIIA in accordance with NIJ standard 0101.06.

US body Armor Standard 0101.06 is the international General Body armor Evaluation Index, divided into IIAIIIIIAIIIIV total of 5 types.


Twaron ComForte SB3, lightweight bullet proof  fabric for bulletproof vest based on the most advanced Twaron superfine fiber yarn as the foundation material, which has outstanding energy absorption-weight ratio, can be applied to bulletproof.

As a result, bulletproof vests made of Twaron comforte SB3 are lighter, more flexible and can maintain stable performance for a long time. This allows law enforcement personnel and soldiers to be fully protected while also moving easily.


In addition, bulletproof vests made from Twaron Comforte SB3 is more comfortable. The Twaron Comforte SB3 solution combines the bulletproof efficiency of unidirectional laminates with the ultimate bullet-proof vest flexibility. Bullet-proof vests can better shape the body's curves, making soldiers and law enforcement personnel more comfortable to wear. The improved moulding capacity meets the needs of an increasing number of women law enforcement personnel.