Teijin Aramid

- Mar 06, 2018-

Teijin aramid announced that they would expand the capacity of its Twaron aramid fiber. The emperor will invest in new spinning technology in the Emmen Twaron factory in the first quarter of 2019.


The demand for high performance para aramid fiber Twaron is increasing, and the new spinning technology can increase the company's capacity and satisfy the market demand. Teijin aramid continuously invests in its technology, with customers to create innovative Aramid products and provide solutions. Over the past few years, 5% of the company's annual income has been invested in research and development activities.

The Twaron high performance fiber of the Teijin aramid is widely used in more advanced products in different industries. "This investment by the emperor underscores our ambition to develop and deliver sustainable and cost-effective products to market, while strengthening our position as a global market leader. This will allow us to meet the growing market demand while implementing the latest technology." said Gert Frederiks, chief executive and CEO of Teijin Aramid Company. The spinning capacity expansion plan is expected to start in the first quarter of 2019.


The new technology can also further automate the spinning process, thus greatly reducing the workload of manual labor of the operator. This is consistent with the further automation and improvement of HSE (Health, Safety, environment) of the Teijin Aramid Program.

Since April 1, 2017, the Teijin Aramid has merged all its aramid business into a global business unit. Since then, the Teijin Aramid is responsible for the company's production, development and sale of all aramid and polyethylene products. Thus, the company now has aramid production companies in Thailand (Teijinconex neo), Japan (Teijinconex and Technora) and the Netherlands (Twaron and Endumax).