Technical Parameters Of Fireproof Cloth

- Sep 05, 2018-

Fire-proof cloth is a kind of glass fiber cloth surface by mechanical coating of high-temperature glue and made, it has contact with fire non-combustion, friction resistance, waterproof, fire-proof and other characteristics.

Color: red, black, white, gray, and so on.

Specifications: width: 1000mmm-10000mm.

Thickness: 0.1mm----3.00mm.

Temperature tolerance: between 120 degrees below zero and 1700 degrees.

Basic properties: contact with flame, no combustion, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, waterproof and alkali resistance.

Fire-proof cloth has been widely used in oil and chemical enterprises for heat insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection of metal structures and some places requiring welding, as well as repair and welding of ship structures, showing good adaptability.

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