Standards For British Fire Proof Fabric

- Jun 26, 2018-

The British BS7177 (BS5807) applies to furniture and mattresses and other fabrics in public places in the United Kingdom. Fire performance is particularly required and testing methods are strict. The fire is divided into eight fire sources of 0~7 grades, corresponding to the four fire ratings of low, medium, high and extremely high risk.


BS7175 applies to permanent fire protection standards in hotels, entertainment venues and other crowded places. The test requires two or more test fires through Schedule 4 Part 1 and Schedule 5 Part 1.


BS7176 is suitable for furniture covering fabrics and requires fireproof and washable performance. The test requires fabrics and fillers to reach Schedule 4 Part 1, Schedule 5 Part 1 and smoke density, toxicity and other test indicators. It is a more stringent fireproof standard for cushioned seats than BS7175 (BS5852).


BS5452 is suitable for public places in England and all imported furniture like bed sheets and pillow textiles . After 50 times of washing or dry cleaning, it is still required to effectively fire resistant.

BS5438 series: British BS5722 pajamas for children; UK BS5815.3 bedding; UK BS6249.1B curtains.