Standards For American Flame Retardant Fabric

- Aug 30, 2018-

1. CA-117 is a widely used one-time fire protection standard in the United States and does not require post-water testing and is suitable for most exports.

2. CS-191 is a general-purpose fire protection standard for protective clothing in the United States, emphasizing long-term fire performance and wearing comfort. The processing technology is usually a two-step synthesis method or a multi-step synthesis method, which has a high technical content and a profit added value.

3. NFPA-701, 703 is a fire protection standard promulgated by the American Fire Protection Association. It is suitable for hanging fabrics that do not require water resistance, such as curtains in public places. At the same time, physical and chemical indicators such as adsorption dryness and hand feeling are required.

4. TB-603 full name BHFTI CTB-603 was implemented in the United States from January 01, 2005. Mainly used for mattresses, sleeping pad and other bed supplies. The test method is: a complete mattress (bed mattress) is tested for exothermic values by a large chamber combustion method.

5. NFPA261.94 is suitable for furniture covering strong objects, including sofas, etc.


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