Sound Insulation Effect Of Aluminum Foil Cloth

- Nov 18, 2019-

But actually it has a lot to do with my daily environment. For example, as a kind of building material, aluminum foil cloth can play a very good role in noise reduction and sound insulation. Some large buildings with very good sound insulation effect often use it as basic information, and as a kind of heat insulation material, it is also often used on some cold and warm channels so as to reach a better one Heat and cold insulation effect.

There should be no single side waves, bright strips, pockmarks, dark airway, trachoma and other problems that affect the appearance quality. Try to make the surface of rubber roller smooth. If the main speed of the machine is 80m| min, the speed of the earth stick should be about 150. The main speed of the machine is in a certain proportion to the speed of the coating stick. To achieve a good coating effect, the aluminum foil cloth needs to have the following conditions: the layout quality of the aluminum foil base material is good. About 0.50.6, depending on the required film thickness.

For the goods that need long time transportation, aluminum foil cloth is a kind of packing material. It is also able to have a significant effect of moisture, fog and corrosion prevention. If this kind of data is used for the protection and binding of chemical equipment such as oil transmission pipeline and steam pipeline, it can also play the role of flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant and heat insulation. Although I don't often see the original appearance of this kind of data in my life, what I can't see with the naked eye actually brings a lot of convenience to my life. In the future, it will be developed into more uses

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