RFID Blocking Wallet

- Mar 06, 2020-

1. Product Overview

   Researchers at MIT have proven that hackers can use remote electronic devices to illegally invade RFID devices from 20 feet (about 6 meters) away, stealing bank cards, ID cards, and other magnetic and memory cards. Internal data information. In response to such threats, the special wallet developed by our unit is refined with aerospace nano-metal shielding materials, which can effectively protect various types of card and mobile phone information in the bag and shield the transmitted signals. No matter what means the hacker uses, there is no need to worry about leak The problem of demagnetization and demagnetization is equivalent to putting all kinds of ID cards and mobile phones in the safe.

2. The functional characteristics

1) Anti-disclosure: high-tech nano-metal shielding materials can block external RF signals, thereby protecting the information in electronic cards such as magnetic cards and ID cards from being remotely read, stolen, and copied by illegal electronic devices, effectively preventing the leakage of personal information .

2) Anti-disturbance: In any occasion, just put the mobile phone or other communication products into the inner layer of the wallet, just like putting the mobile phone into a break bag, completely shielding the electronic signals in the frequency range of 100KHz ~ 18GHz, so that the mobile phone is not subject to any remote control Device control. When someone dials the mobile phone, they will receive the prompt "The user you dialed is not in the service area" or "Unable to connect".

3) Anti-tracking: Put the mobile phone in a shielded wallet. When others are calling the mobile phone, all signals are shielded. At the same time, the signal from the base station cannot be accepted, and satellite positioning and accurate search are lost. Effectively prevent being maliciously tracked or located.

4) Anti-demagnetization: Nano metal shielding materials can effectively attenuate electromagnetic waves and prevent damage from electrostatic interference, thereby protecting magnetic card passbook magnetic strips, preventing magnetic card failure caused by demagnetization, and extending the effective use time of various electronic identification cards.

5) Radiation protection: The inner layer of the shielded wallet is developed with shielding materials, which can effectively block the radiation signal emitted by the mobile phone, and protect pregnant women, children, and heart disease from the harm of mobile phone radiation.

3. Applicable people

1) People who carry mobile phones such as magnetic cards, bank cards, second-generation ID cards, social security cards, and military security cards;

2) People who want to politely decline calls, have important or special things, and avoid being tracked by mobile phone location;

3)Military, government, law enforcement personnel, middle and high-level enterprises and individuals who have access to confidential information;

4) People who often participate in important conferences and activities, and go in and out of private places;

5) Pregnant women, children, heart pacemakers, and others who are concerned about the threat of mobile phone radiation.


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