Reflective Fabric Of The Special Points And The Main Purpose

- Aug 14, 2017-

Reflective inkjet cloth that is cloth crystal lattice, belonging to crystal lattice series micro-prism structure cloth-based reflective material.

Crystal color grid is a new type of reflective ink advertising material, this material is characterized by:

First, the super reflective strength: Based on micro-prism regression reflection technology, reflective intensity of 300cd / lx / m2.

Second, can be directly inkjet: the surface layer of PVC polymer materials, ink absorption, can be directly inkjet.

Third, the use of convenience: the type of fiber-based fiber cloth and PVC film, fiber composite cloth layer has a strong tensile strength, can be used as ordinary fiber synthetic inkjet cloth. Direct printing, direct tension installation; PVC film in the coating after the stickers can be directly in any smooth fabric for paste use.

Reflective inkjet cloth can be made after the large outdoor billboards for highways, roads, mines and other outdoor environment, no lighting at night, only the vehicle light and advertising content can be clear and bright, with the same effect during the day.