Proper Use Of Fire Blanket

- Aug 22, 2018-

Fire blanket, also known as fire blanket, Fireproof Blanket and escape blanket, is a kind of flame retardant cloth specially used for fire fighting. It is a kind of fire extinguishing equipment which is used in some shopping malls, enterprises, buildings, hotels, gas stations and casinos to prevent the spread of fire and escape.

But how to use the fire blanket correctly?

1. For the initial fire extinguishing: in the early stage of the fire, the fire blanket can be directly covered on the source of fire or the object of fire, and the fire extinguishing source can be extinguished quickly during the break-up holiday.

2. For fire escape, because fire blanket can isolate the fire and reduce the temperature of the fire, fire blanket can be directly wrapped around the body and put on a smoke mask to escape the fire.

3, for earthquake escape, fire blanket can be put on the head, so as to effectively reduce the impact of falling objects.

4. In the industrial field: For some steel-making plants, boiler rooms, chemical laboratories and other places which are easy to cause fire, low-sugar sparks can be splashed by using fire-extinguishing blankets, thus isolating the workplace and separating the working layer to prevent the occurrence of fire.

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