Permanent Flame Retardant Fabric

- Dec 17, 2019-

The U.S. California Parliament voted with an overwhelming 52:12 vote to pass the AB2998, deciding to ban the use of flame retardants additives on children's products, mattresses and other flame retardant fabrics. The amended bill will be sent to the governor's office and may become California law.

The flame retardant additives used in flame retardant fabrics were developed in the 1950s and widely used in the 1970s. If these fabrics are in direct contact with the skin, it may cause some additives to accumulate in the human body, cause retardation of development, and lower IQ. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission warns consumers that children should avoid using such products.

 Permanent Flame Retardant Fabric

Fu Liong's flame retardant fabric itself has permanent flame retardant function, and no flame retardant additives is needed. The flame-retardant clothing produced with this fabric can fully meet the international requirements, and there is no such injury to people.

At present, we produce aramid flame retardant fabrics, pre-oxidized blended flame retardant fabrics, etc., which have received widespread praise in the market!


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