- Aug 15, 2018-


Time Period: 2018.10.22 ~ 10.24

Cycle:  annual

Location: George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas Houston, Texas 77010 USA

Sponsor: National Safety Council


Sponsored by the United States Security Council (National Safety Council), NSC is one of the most important and professional exhibitions in the Global Industrial safety protection and is one of the the largest one among world's annual exhibition, so far it has successfully held 100 sessions. NSC is also a major component of the US Congress & Expo.


NSC is held annually in several major cities in the United States (Chicago, Orlando, San Diego, Anaheim), and also will go some other famous cities, such as Philadelphia and Atlanta.


It is one of the main contents of the annual meeting of the World Security Council held by the United States, so the NSC has insignificant effect and status in the field of American security and protection.


Work Safety: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), occupational wear, protective clothing and tooling fabrics, accessories and spare parts, safety equipment and facilities, services and software;

Work Health: Medical products, rescue products, preventive products, hygiene supplies, ergonomics, catering and healthy eating, service and counseling;

Work Security: Fire protection, safety product equipment and systems, explosion-proof anti-virus devices, radiation protection, air pollution, electric power safety, noise reduction products, environmental and mechanical safety equipment.

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