National Aramid Fiber Engineering Research Center

- May 03, 2018-

Recently, the "National Aramid Fiber Engineering Research Center" officially through the Ministry of Science and Technology on-site acceptance.


Full Name of Aramid is "aromatic polyamide", with long-lasting temperature, flame retardant, high ratio, high modulus and other excellent performance, is widely used in high-temperature dust filtration, individual protection, electrical insulation, ballistic protection and composite materials to enhance the field, is to support our national defense military, aerospace, security protection, Environmental protection and rail transport and other strategic emerging industries development of key basic materials, the development of a broad prospect.


National Aramid Fiber Engineering Research Center is China's aramid industry's only national key technology research and development and engineering platform, 2013 approved the construction, built to aramid raw materials, Aramid, para-aramid and aramid downstream products as the main research base, with a leading domestic Aramid professional testing laboratory 5, 8 laboratories, All kinds of analytical testing instruments more than 260 sets, built on the position of Aramid woven in the test line, such as 18 Aramid technology achievements of the engineering and Industrialization research and development platform, successful implementation of the key raw materials of aramid continuous green production and high-performance para-aramid, serialized Aramid, aviation-grade honeycomb core material with the large-scale production of aramid paper.