Manufacturers Store Fireproof Cloth In Winter.

- Sep 11, 2018-

Because of the climatic characteristics of low temperature, cold and dry in winter, it brings great difficulties to production and storage. Fireproof cloth manufacturers store fireproof and flame retardant cloth in winter, and there are many matters to note.

Fireproof and flame retardant cloth material is relatively soft, manufacturers should pay attention to ensure that the winter storage packaging integrity, workers to carry back and forth pay attention to light, according to the specifications of fireproof cloth, color and other classified placement, do not appear confusion, affect sales and use. Fire retardant cloth has good fire prevention effect, but the performance of damp flame retardant cloth may decline, so manufacturers should pay attention to dry and clean warehouse storage in winter, to avoid damp flame retardant cloth, also to avoid the surface of the flame retardant cloth contaminated with dust and other effects on the use and appearance.

Manufacturers winter size fire retardant cloth, should be adjusted according to the weather conditions warehouse doors and windows, that is, when the weather is clear, open doors and windows, encounter Snowstorm Weather to close doors and windows, prevent damp fire cloth. The stacking height of flame retardant cloth should be controlled properly. The appearance of flame retardant cloth will be affected if the stacking height is too high.

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